These nymphs look awesome. North Country Angler: Of Nymphs and Nymping Part 2

    Kebari pattern: peacock hearl body, pheasant hackle and bright red trigger point, the head.


    GRHE Nymph in may way - posted in The Fly Tying Bench: Just a different approach in tying this fantastic nymph that I love  GRHE:         best,  Lucian

    Mysteries Internal: Fly Patterns

    Grasshoppers: The Only Kosher Insect | Northwest Fly Fishing

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    Jig NYMPH . Photo theanglerfly.

    I HAVE SAID ON MANY OCCASIONS THAT, I DON'T CARE TO LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE TROUT DON'T EAT STONEFLIES. My good friend Dan Flynn shares my obsession with the noblest of insects. Dan is a great tyer with an impressive repertoire of classic patterns. I have always admired his meticulous stonefly nymphs. I've also spent many days watching him crush trout on them.

    Very realistic foam emerger pattern

    Caddis pupa

    Here's a great caddisfly imitation from Norwegian tier Gunnar Bingen, which is meant to be fished in rough, broken water. I'll bet that it also works well as a skittering caddis, too. In this. . .Read More  »