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    2nd prize panel: POP-UP KIEV by Polina Timofeeva, Galyna Tolkachova, Pavel Bartov (Perm, Russia). Image courtesy of CANactions.

    University of Cambridge is undertaking an ambitious new urban extension in North West Cambridge. The master plan for the development, prepared by Aecom, lays out the framework for a new district centered on a mixed academic and urban community. Family life – Via Development Vision Document

    The Chrysler Building-New York_100x70cm-print

    ishigami 1

    Combining: A photograph of a model with sketched over annotations and diagrammatic elements

    from the earth to the sky, Sina Momtaz, Competion (Axo), 2016

    The arches the angles- I love this renaissance-modern

    1 point Architectural Perspective

    Gig Night - Zoe Ella, Victoria University, Wellington,...

    Sheffield School of Architecture, University of Sheffield