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Thu, 09 Mar 2017 07:31:29 +0000

Jensen and Misha talking about Destiel Smut!! These guys probably have seen more than we'd ever expect.

    Hold up misha was seen naked by Jensen when?!

    [gifset] After the Harlem Shake ... Jensen's embarrassment kicks in <3 #JibCon14 #Jensen #Misha

    THIS is actually an interesting point. Apparently, Dean can describe Cas's features, but everyone else is strictly generalized by race, insult and/or height. Haha.

    shit that made my laugh so much XD

    Jared, Jensen, and Misha

    Thats what I call Destiel folks.

    [gifset] Jensen and auditioning the stripper for scene on dark angel. #JibCon14 #Jensen #Misha

    destiel funny fluff - Google Search

    Ummmmmm... coincidence? I think not! WAIT JENSEN AND MISHA BOTH HAVE AN 'always with you' BRACELET?!¿!!

    so this happened at phxcon *high pitched squeals* Jared ships it!!

    Castiel - Lover's Meme by *DeanGrayson