Nadine Coaquira

Mon, 04 Jul 2016 00:01:26 +0000

Super awesome moon sand...wonder if I ziplock bag it & store it for another day it'll keep?


    Make Your Own Kinetic Sand (10 lbs for 50 cents! compare to $85 on amazon!) Get the super easy recipe, just click the picture. REPIN to save this!

    Foam Dough - how much fun would this be?!

    Looking for more things to do this summer, while keeping cool? Check out these 23 kid-friendly science projects!

    Playdough Five Ways! Simple playdough recipes!

    Sensory Bin colored rice is tactile and visual

    Ingredients: 1 cup sand mixed with 1/2 tbsp cornstarch. Add 1 tbsp dish soap and water as needed (add food coloring if you'd like) let dry for 2 hrs

    Perfect rainy day kid craft! This DIY homemade moon sand recipe only takes 2 ingredients that you already have on hand. My toddler will be entertained with moonsand for hours!

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    Amazing idea... with only 12$..water blob made with Painter’s plastic....plastic sheeting (*4 mil* – any size (here is used 10×25-foot roll, and cut it down to about 10×20) • an iron; • a hose; • (optional) coloring. Lay the plastic sheet down to form a water mattress and seal with iron

    Baby sensory play for a 6 to 9 month old baby. Wrap cling wrap around a canvas and have the baby smoosh away with their hands and feet. So much fun!

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