blaire j

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:53:03 +0000

How to make Crackle Paint-YouTube video...use dark paint as background, thick layer of Elmer's glue, then add white top color while glue is still tacky

    At least a few of the Gallagher clan are going to take over the world this week! Mwahaha...Horoscopes for this week.

    DIY weathered look- paint, blow dry, duct tape, remove, tada!

    Print on wax paper then iron on fabric very cool

    little foam things called "marshmallows"--get them at Michaels. Heat them, press into texture, and you have an instant stamp.

    Stamp or Print with a Feather

    Create Raised Designs on Just About Anything With Plaster Stencils

    DIY Eggshell Bottle Decoration...Eggshell Mosaic Craft Tutorials to Try With Your Kids Today

    tips on how to use to make mod podge and even make crackle paint look

    How to make anything look rusty

    DIY: Make your own texture paste - YouTube

    faire de la pâte à papier

    A tip on making your own crackle faux finish using glue and acrylic paints. Great for mini scrapbook albums or home decor!