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Infographic: Learn How To Perform CPR With This Ultimate Guide -

    Hier staat beschreven hoelang de drug in je lichaam blijft, het effect is terug te zien bij de drugsverslaafden in de verslavingszorg.

    What Do Coconut Oil and the Color of Urine Have in Common? - Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

    Blood Pressure Chart

    Thyroid Infographic

    Hepatitis A, B, C

    Units of measurement

    Good to know

    Learn these signs. Immediate care can reverse damage.

    Basic Action Plan for Life Support - A CPR can increase the victim's chance of survival. We wrote a very comprehensive article about everything related to sudden cardiac arrest, the correct way to do a CPR, and portable home defibrillators or AEDs, read it here: #first #responders #cpr #defibrillator

    Antibiotics Do's and Don'ts Doctors Too Often Prescribe 'Big Guns'; Impatient Patients Demand a Quick Fix | Wall Street Journal

    Laminated pocket size reference guide. When it comes to saving people's lives, knowledge is vital. This chart covers general information, triage, and the primary survey, which includes the ABCs, monitoring, X-rays, resuscitation, and patient transport.