Debbie Clausen

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:27:07 +0000

Infographic: Learn How To Perform CPR With This Ultimate Guide -

    Learn these signs. Immediate care can reverse damage.

    Blood Pressure Chart

    Basic Action Plan for Life Support - A CPR can increase the victim's chance of survival. We wrote a very comprehensive article about everything related to sudden cardiac arrest, the correct way to do a CPR, and portable home defibrillators or AEDs, read it here: #first #responders #cpr #defibrillator

    Addiction does not respect age, profession, race, religion, or physical attributes. Know what signs to look for.. because it could be anybody.

    Infographic Showing Steps for Handling Medical Emergencies

    Differences between type one and type two diabetes.

    Medical Terminology:The Basics (Quick Study Academic)

    How the Heart Beats :)

    The Infographic describes the key elements of 2015 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR. These guidelines are given by American Heart Association updated every 5 years

    Phlebo4yourService business focused on in-home medical specimen collection, processing and delivery.

    Nursing hacks for RN's, LPN's, and nursing students!