Rachel Deakyne

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:58:17 +0000

Brachs Royals

    Brach's Wrapped Marshmallow Easter Eggs: 15-Piece Bag

    called them pony tail holders...went thru a ton of them

    The Monster Cereals back in the day! I had forgotten all about Fruit Brute!!! And check out the prizes...Monster Bike Spinners!! :-)

    Remember "Baton Twirling?" you would practice and practice... quite often you would drop it on your foot, or on the ground; if you threw it in the air and missed catching it, it would either hit the ground or your face.:-)

    collapsable drinking cup. with a pill box in the center of the lid

    Baby Shoe Lace Keeper Jingle Bells

    Loved these when I was a kid.

    Every little girl wanted one of these. I still have mine. Yes, I'm old.

    Fried Bologna Sandwiches

    mood ring I've always wanted one and never got one

    Vintage poodle bubble bath

    My grandma had one. Tupperware sugar bowl