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Margaret Thatcher’s Georgian-Style Estate Is for Sale for $41 Million Photos | Architectural Digest

    Über modern.

    Une petite terrasse se trouve en contrebas de la maison. L'un des côtés de la piscine, équipé d'un mur de verre, permet de voir le spectacle de ceux qui piquent une tête.

    Up on the Roof

    Passive House System in Japan

    #roof studio in NYcity


    THAT HOUSE - Picture gallery

    Built with the discerning automotive enthusiast in mind, the House in the Hill is a gorgeous modern residence that revolves around a garage with a view. Typically one pulls their sports car into a dark, stuffy garage, but not with this residence. Designed by the crew at Only Victories, this home features a central stacking garage that offers up an airy, well-lit parking spot complete with cliffside views. This garage offers enough space to showcase two of your favorite rides to the ships pa...

    The Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann

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    Town House in Antwerp / Sculp[IT] | ArchDaily... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

    Unique modern stone wall