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FAMILY - May be a neat idea for a big family picture! @Marla Spohr

    December 19th "One A Day" goes to Life Cycle Images on Facebook! #family #photography

    Frequently I’m asked by my awesome clients “what should we wear for our family portrait?” or “how should we prepare?”.  I’m always excited to know my clients want their portraits to be awesome, just like I do!  When it comes to deciding what to wear, the goal is to make the “people” stand out in …

    Family Picture Poses & Ideas this would be great for us....then one of us jumping in :)

    Pick outfits along these lines but with in the Black, white & grey theme

    picture of all the grandkids holding their # in birth order--this would be fun even with the big grandkids--do it by family (cause can't get all together at once & put pics together in one frame)

    Family photo ideas for large families with teens

    Christensen Family | Utah family photographer » Kate's Photo Blog

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    wow, love this family's colors and accessories, scarves, hats, jackets!! So cute and stylish. Shot by my good friend Kent Smith.

    Makes me want 8 kids till I read how much the duggars spend on food a month for their 19 (3,000 a month)

    ideas for multi generational family portait outside | via ashley jensen