Amanda Ritter

Wed, 25 Feb 2015 18:54:01 +0000

Pixar's UP poster. "Adventure is out there!" #pixar #etsy #print #disney #UP #balloons #carl #fredricksen

    I want to punch those girls in there little faces so bad it is not funny!!!!!!!!! Poor Leo.

    This is funny // for some reason I had Emma Stone narrate this, like Easy A kinda...xD

    Whoever made this is awesome!!! And has a lot of time on their hands. I definitely sang this to the tune of the original.

    I have to remember to show this to a couple friends of mine that I use to recite this line with...

    O my god PERFECT frozen moments in real life!!!

    Another request that I'm surprised I got away with not having until now. #Frozen…

    Well on my past Hades/Meg fanarts, a couple of you guys mentioned on what will happen if Meg met the wife, Persephone. Yes, in Greek Mythology Hades had a wife, (she of coarse was not mentioned in ...

    Image result for dumbo tattoo

    You smart weirdos

    Pixar Lettering Series by Risa Rodil

    Animated Wonders : Photo

    Frozen Olaf 8x10 Poster DIGITAL DOWNLOAD by LittoBittoEverything