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Fire Up Your Core Circuit Workout. East at-home core workout with no equipment necessary!

    Now that the days are much shorter and its dark super early in the afternoon, I've been really motivated planning my workouts, adding new exercises and equipment to switch things up. I have a plan ...

    Slim Waist 4

    Desafío Six Pack para unos abdominales formidables. #Abs #Desafío #Sworkit #Rutinas #Diarias

    Calorie Torching Workout Infographic

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    Bikini Shape-Up Circuit With Weights


    For more cheerleading exercises and tips you can use NOW, check out…

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    12 Minute Core Workout. We asked Greatist Expert and CrossFit coach Erica Giovinazzo to put together a quick workout to challenge your entire core. Keep track of how many reps you can do—as your core gets stronger, you'll increase the amount of reps.