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Shirley Temple and her daughter, 1948.

    Shirley Temple, 1940s.

    Shirley Temple.

    1957 Shirley Temple & Shirley Temple Dolls

    Shirley Temple, 1934.

    Shirley Temple with husband John Agar and their daughter Linda Susan.

    Shirley Temple for Warner Bros, Halloween, 1940s.

    Shirley Temple, Portrait for The Little Colonel, 1935.

    *SHIRLEY TEMPLE and daughter Lori

    Shirley Temple and Jane Withers in "Bright Eyes", 1934.

    Shirley Temple

    Shirley Temple movies | Shirley Temple. Loved her as a child | movies i like

    loveshirleytemple: “ Who remembers “Pinkie?” In the movie “Bright Eyes” few can forget the scenes where Jane Withers and Shirley Temple cast a unique yin and yang of personality that had cinema goers laughing at the antics. In many of the scenes this...