Sierra Nash

Tue, 26 Jul 2016 19:42:25 +0000

This sums up a lot of conversations

    Well, here's a thing I wished I'd learned in health or biology.

    This is why I'd like to consider myself a feminist.

    "Why do women have to be related to you for you to respect them?"

    Wtf! See, and this is one of those cases where I feel like religion has been pushed a little too far if you ask me...

    Feminism is for all genders not just women-- and in chime people saying "he should have liked it"

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    Step 3: Establish a cultural standard of "beauty" that requires women to starve themselves, implying that women do not deserve the basic human right to nourishment

    Treat others the way you want to be treated, women or men! #GenderEquality #Relationships #AshtonPaulsHOPE

    Like, to be honest, just because I know myself, I'm sure that my own "trust no one ever" philosophy will rub off on any children of either gender I may have. But I'm all for teaching respect too, and hopefully eventually creating a world where distrust doesn't need to be everyone's default.

    Se ela é "muito nova" pra estar usando "shorts tão curtos", ela é muito nova pra você estar sexualizando o corpo dela por usá-los. - Alguém finalmente disse isso.

    Actually, I think the worst thing you can call a girl is 'fat'. But that's a whole other discussion.