Travis Murray

Sat, 09 Apr 2016 12:42:28 +0000

TUX CUSTOMS Cafe Cross based around a 1987 Honda XL 600R (via the Bike Shed)

    CAFE RACER @caferacerCC | #caferacerCC ‘The Sailer’ CB350 by @cognitomoto #cognitomoto by caferacercc


    Ducati custom

    Racing Cafè: Cafè Racer Concepts - Honda CB 750 1983 Scrambler #1 by Holographic Hammer

    Cafe Racer

    Custom dirt back based on vintage Ducati single by Brian Fuller

    rhubarbes: Tux Customs Cafe Cross. (via the Bike Shed » Tux Customs Cafe Cross)

    A rusty old BMW R 100? This custom from Cafe Racer Dreams is not quite what it seems.

    1983 honda xl600r tracker - Buscar con Google

    Honda CX500 #caferacer |

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