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    US$8.00 Blanket Car Seat Storage Bag_ 13 Colors Multi-functional Bag

    How to convert a Toyota minivan into a camper van

    camperizing a minivan

    Instructions for creating your own cheap car window screen for camping - Campfire Chic

    Turning my Fit into a mobile camper! - Page 2 - Unofficial Honda FIT Forums

    Quickly and easily turns your mini van into a comfortable and function adventure vehicle. Just remove the seats, slide it in and your ready to go. The kitchen at the back holds all your cooking need

    Portable Air Conditioner for Camper - Originally manufactured for dog houses. Most are mounting to the tong and are commonly used on teardrops. They are currently developing units for larger trailers. A little price.

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    Campervan Kitchen

    The DIY Guide to Living in Your Van

    My pvc bed frame Town & Country van.

    Minivan Camper Conversion – Stage One Complete! | moreHawes