Ed Smeal

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    (Be the trainer im the espeon just jump in) When I was a eevee i was given to you and we have been together for years but you have filled the pokedex and beaten the champion. Your journey is almost over but i dont want it to end


    Ho sempre desiderato appoggiare la testa sul tuo petto per sentire la vibrazione della risata che per anni, mi ha fatta sorridere

    Ahhh omg the one ear down is so cute!! ❤

    ... - Un agrupados imágenes foto - Pin ellos Todo

    Vulpix by nekot13

    Divenne apatica, ma se gli toccavi il suo idolo non finiva bene...

    No Tail. Poor Jolteon. No Tail. Only Spiky Butt

    Flareon, Leafeon

    This is HowlingMoon,He's always serious but he has some feelings for a certain Espeon.He's on the Light Side and He's part of The Evolutions.(Played by me)(Male)