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One day I set fire to everything I thought I was and began to learn who I was. ~ John M. Green

    Be your own fire

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    Do Not Judge My Story By The Chapter You Walked In On More

    Phoenix. By Lennon Hodson. Our passion ignites us. Rapture spawns the inferno in which we perish, entwined. From smoldering coals we are formed and, from our ashes, we rise. Discovered in the aftermath, our memory, our birth scars; third degree madness. Identical imperfections. Forever branded. ️LO

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    Because if we learn to see the beauty in our shadows, we learn how to see the beauty of others through theirs. This makes us less judgemental, less mean, less intolerant, and more forgiving, more loving, and more compassionate. It is in the midst of your greatest pain, your depression, and the days where you wish you were dead that it is most important to take two steps back and say to yourself "I love you no matter what". Art by @wondergroundarts #love #dark #pain #poetry #loveyourself #sk...

    my highest ambition is to crawl out from under the ash and laugh at all the things that thought they could bury me. (rudy francisco).

    how a true queen does it.

    Under pressure she became a diamond under pressure she became unbreakable... r.h. sin #quotes