Doris Luther

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 12:18:27 +0000

10 Not So Obvious Quotes for Teachers - A Teachable Teacher

    technology rocks. seriously.: Wrong is Wrong, Right is Right

    Free positive thinking printable inspired by The Help | The Girl Creative #sayings #quotes #motivationmonday

    Remember also, that you are loved real good by someone who wants nothing more than to love you

    100 Motivational Quotes That Inspire - Inspirational Quotes For Women - Head over to for more quotes you won't be able to resist pinning.

    Three free motivating quote printables to help motivate you and your students.

    Inspirational quotes for teacher appreciation celebrations!

    Important words for children & adults. Great meditation.

    We may have opportunity to be the only bright spot in the day, the only ones that tell them it's ok to make a mistake and move on.

    Always be kind stand up for yourself do hard things. Follow your dreams get dirty and have fun. Believe in yourself find time to play hug of...