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Writing Prompt

    writing prompt

    writing prompt

    Writing Prompt || They say I'm a traitor. Maybe I am. All I know is that I did what I had to do.

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    " "You RUINED me. Trust me when I say I plan on returning the favor." I read the words on the ceiling above my bed as I wake up. I don't know who wrote it, but I really don't care. All the people I've hurt not one has come close to doing equally as harmful damage– who cares? I have more important things to do than play games with scum." -@UnicornOnAcid16

    she kicked their asses and got away demanding a ransom for those who kidnapped her

    Cuie's dreams told him these horrifying things as he curled with in his bed, tears swept down his cheeks as he he held his body. Was Caspian to win? Was he to take his land? Two kings one battle, demanded their kingdoms and Cuie couldn't very well bow to Caspian so he would he had to fight.