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Writing Prompt

    writing prompt

    It's a strange thought, out of the blue. Of all the men i've killed, and I have killed beyond count, i've never considered such a thing. But suddenly, it seems to have immeasurable importance.

    I had to escape, there wasn't a chance in hell I was just going to hang around the institution for the rest of my life. I had to escape, I had to know who I was. "Black Rose" meant nothing, I had to find out who Madison Blackwood was meant to be. I needed to know what kind of life they had taken away from me.

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    He saved me.

    writing prompt

    Cuie's dreams told him these horrifying things as he curled with in his bed, tears swept down his cheeks as he he held his body. Was Caspian to win? Was he to take his land? Two kings one battle, demanded their kingdoms and Cuie couldn't very well bow to Caspian so he would he had to fight.

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    "I don't want this anymore." The man who was barely more than a boy swallowed, his molten eyes begging. "Please take it away." --Coryn

    Ways to Say 'Went'.

    ooooooh to the contrary. if it is a greek/ roman god you probably WILL die a very slow, excrutiating death at the hands of their husband/wife.

    That would imply there is sun in hell? << nah, its a lake of fire, it makes its own light