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Cristina García Rodero, Ancient Bear Mask worn during the Carnival in Bielsa (Pyrenees, Spain), undated

    Máscaras del carnaval de Lazarím Carnaval ancestralIbérico Portugal

    Perchtenfigur, Schnabelpercht, Gasteinertal

    Kuker masks. XIX International Festival of Masquerade Games Pernik, 2010

    NCOTB: August 2009

    Wilder Mann 31, Wilder Mann , 2010 © Charles Fréger -

    Phyllis Galembo began photographing the characters and costumes of African masquerade in Nigeria in1985 and she continued working throughout west and central Africa.

    Africa | Khumbi ~ "Chokwe", Zambia. | ©Francois d’El