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Cristina García Rodero, Ancient Bear Mask worn during the Carnival in Bielsa (Pyrenees, Spain), undated

    disposable, pinned by Ton van der Veer


    Máscaras del carnaval de Lazarím Carnaval ancestralIbérico Portugal

    Africa | Khumbi ~ "Chokwe", Zambia. | ©Francois d’El

    Wearing fearsome masks and imposing costumes these fantastical creatures make a terrifying sight. These costumed men are taking part in the ancient ritual of Kukeri at the Surva International Festival of Masquerade Games in the village of Pernik, Bulgaria. Terrifyingly the men - known as Kukeri - enter houses in the village, clanging their bells to ward off evil spirits. Held at the beginning of February, the tradition has its roots in pre-Roman Bulgaria. Pictured here are a father and son from

    This is the Is Cerbus (deer) character from the Sardinian Carnival, who runs through the streets trying to avoid the Is Canaxus (hunter) characters.

    Ekpo masquerade, Ututu, Abia State, Nigeria. Photo by Eli Bentor, 2005.

    Kuker masks. XIX International Festival of Masquerade Games Pernik, 2010

    Astonishing pictures of 21st century pagan ritual garb from all over Europe | Dangerous Minds