Ali G

Tue, 01 Mar 2016 21:45:48 +0000

Star Wars: Yoda and Ewok Family


    May the fourth be with you.

    Extra Funny Picture Click here to watch daily fun : ===>>> fun fun gif funny picture humor joke

    xD Almost all of it is true. --- Don't even think of asking about Midi-Chlorians.

    Star Wars Wacky Wobbler Yoda Bobble Head Figure

    My finals mentality this year

    Episode IV... En gif?

    *Automatic Doors Make Me Feel Like a Jedi* via @Amanda Blain :) So true... #starwars #geekyfunny

    Yoda Hands Adult Size

    Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

    Yeah, why couldn't it have gone like this

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    I want one that has Obiwan going Howdy and then Grievous is wearing a cowboy hat and he says, hi ya'll, and then he pulls out a bunch of eagles.