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The 14.02-carat Spinel from Sri Lanka is exceptional for its intense violet-blue color. Spinel is a magnesium aluminum oxide and forms when impure limestone is altered by heat and pressure. They are commonly found in occurrence with corundum (ruby and sapphire) and have historically been confused with each other due to their many similarities. Both minerals are hard, yield durable gems, and form in a range of colors.The major sources of spinel gemstones are Burma, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

    Heart of Planet 1. This stunning gemstone was cut from spodumene rough mined from the Mawi Mine located in Laghman, NW, Nuristan Province in Afghanistan. The crystal was mined over 30 years ago and has been hiding in a private collection until just this past year. The crystal showed fabulous pleochroism with violet down the C axis and pale greens and blues through other axes.This and more rare mineral specimens for sale on

    Extremely rare gemstone, member of the taaffeite family - Musgravite eye clean pear weighing 3.69 cts, from Tanzania.

    Single Tourmaline. An amazing Indicolite Tourmaline weighing 3.13cts from Tunduru, Tanzania. The stone is perfectly fashioned and the deep slightly greenish blue color is exceptional. Blue is one of the rarest and most valuable colors tourmaline can occur in and even stones like this at just over 3cts., are extremely rare and sought by collectors and connoisseurs. The word Indicolite is derived from the Latin word, meaning "indicum plant".

    #butterflyhabits relationship advice - KUNZITE. This crystal opens the emotional heart to the highest level.

    RARE GEMSTONE: PINK FLUORITE - 221 CT. Gilgit, Pakistan Pink Fluorite is a relatively uncommon color for this multi-hued mineral, occurring chiefly in cavities high in the Alps. The last decade or so has seen similar specimens starting to appear from the same mountain type environment in Pakistan

    Dazzling, Larger Sized, Faceted Blue Zircon Natural Gem, Oval Cut, 6.18 carats

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    Red Zircon. This beautiful cushion-cut 30 ct. zircon has a rich pink, orange-brown color and is the first zircon in the National Gem Collection from Tanzania. For some time, zircons in attractive colors have been found in the northeastern part of Tanzania.


    Spinel (G10630) from the National gem Collection

    Benitoite - In 2007, the owner of the Benitoite Gem Mine discovered a near flawless crystal weighing just over 34 carats. The crystal was faceted into 4 gemstones, the largest of which is this beauty. This is the 4th largest faceted VVS or better Benitoite for the species. Weight: 8.06 ct., Origin: San Benito County, California USA, Size: 13.82 mm x 10.44 mm x 7.35 mm, Color: Dark Blue, Violet, Shape: Oval, Modifed Brilliant Cut, Treatment: None, 100% natural