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    Sasquatch by Daz18

    George Carlin (comedian) My favorite!!! Not only did he make me laugh, he made me think.

    A drawing from an artist that claims this is the Bigfoot he saw.

    Troll Foot Print From Norway I do believe there are squatch in Norway! Bigfoot.

    Sasquatch British Columbia Bigfoot Cryptozoology Murphy

    And I'm pretty sure he's just some guy in a costume. What makes you think Jesus will be more credible to me?

    Bigfoot confirmed by the Government? | The Crypto Crew

    Todd Standings Bigfoot Sightings | Paranormal Central Bigfoot Report for 3-30-2014

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    Bigfoot - the best depiction I've seen yet!

    bigfoot sightings - Google Search

    Edit 1....I creeped myself out playing around with this pic. Hats off to whoever created this. It's brilliant. This is the last thing you'll see before going into the light.

    Sasquatch having deep thoughts

    Messin' with Sasquatch (Jack Links)

    I saw this on one of BF/FB friends page. This is a replica of a female bigfoot described by an eyewitness.


    images of Sasquatch art - Google Search

    Bigfoot needs more hair on his face

    bigfoot-face-321.jpg 960×1,436 pixels

    Bigfoot by on @DeviantArt

    Bigfoot | Photo | Patterson-Gimlin Face

    Destination Truth's Yeti footprint

    Sasquatch, a novel species of primate, exist as an extant hominin and are a direct maternal descendent of modern humans. #BigfootFace #SasquatchxSatanfudge