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    Many Bigfoot sightings are a complete surprise both to the eyewitness and to the Bigfoot just like in this BFRO report Report # 34485 (Class A) RobRoy Menzies captures this in classic form and detail! Visit our store for this and other great works of art on our wonderful product line!

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    Bigfoot: The missing link? Reports of this large ape-like creature have existed for over a century. Some eyewitnesses report this beast as aggressive and deadly.

    Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2235

    Rocky Mountain National Park - Home of Bigfoot (Art Prints available in multiple…

    3D Bigfoot Skeleton by Dr Meldrum offers an all new look at Bigfoot

    Kewaunee & friend

    For weeks in early April 1971, residents of the Mobile Alabama suburbs of Port City and Plateau had encounters with a strange and bizarre creature. The Wolf Woman of Davis Avenue. Since the dawn of civilization legends of half human half animal creatures have tantalized the curious and helped build mythologies. The Werewolf is one of the more popular of these anthropomorphic creatures...

    Bigfoot, in Kanada auch „Sasquatch“ genannt, ist ein stark behaartes, großes Wesen mit überdimensional großen Füßen, das durch die Wälder der USA und Kanada streift. Die gesamte Monster-Map gibt es hier:

    The Bolotnik in Slavic mythology is usually portrayed as a man or as an elderly man who is covered with dirt, algae and fish scales. In some legends he is said to have long arms and a tail. He would appear to people as a full-bellied, naked man with frog-like arms and buggy eyes. He does not tolerate loud noises so it is always a good practice to stay dead silent when passing through marshes. Artworkt: LynxMB

    Bigfoot - the best depiction I've seen yet!

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