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Shuta Hasunuma

    I love this lettering idea. This would be brilliant to have on my contents page. Because i think the conents page looks better when it doesnt involve too many colours, to have the contents title in black and white could be really attractive and eyecatching.

    these minimalist posters convey a sense of order and direction and also not too obtrusive so being quite reserved.:

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    concert poster for shuta hasunuma

    소녀 (the greatest girl) - 그래픽디자인, 타이포그라피, 광고 #Photography i love cat !? Photography Exhibition in Taiwan.

    WASTED Marco Oggian

    Noritake in Taiwan - BIG ISSUE ( Taiwan Magazines )“We are where the wild things are”  2015 . 04 . 01BIG ISSUENoritake

    Beautiful combination of graphics, colors and typography//


    ∆K : Photo

    源 . 亮 : A Retrospect on Chinese Clans in Singapore (The Posters) on Behance, By Serene Yap