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Dictyophora indusiata forma lutea, Saint Suzanne, France


    ◽️ Schizophyllum commune fungus ~ By Viliam Ridzoň

    Giant mushroom in Oregon

    **Woodland Mushroom, England

    Red white amanita mushroom polymer clay toadstool Home by Petradi

    ภเгคк ค๓๏

    God's glory in Creation- The delicate veiled lady mushroom.

    dictyophora indusiata(Vent./Pers.)Fisch. by nobuflickr, via Flickr

    The most powerful hallucinogen on this planet is called love. Highly addictive! You will see and hear things that don’t exist. - Paulo Coehlo

    Transparent m ushrooms, transparent polymer clay "crystal polymer" homemade recipe.  Сегодня хочу показать вам прозрачные грибы из прозр...

    Eerie Blue-black Mushrooms with Little Brown Ones Marching in Underneath