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Lightning Ridge Opal


    Dark Opal (Body Tone N5 to N7) 12 x 10 x 3mm 2.9 carats Auction #598757 Opal Auctions

    Fine Black Opal with Pattern—"The Cathedral Window" Lightning Ridge, Australia With the pattern reminiscent of the rays of sun coming through a cathedral stained glass window, this fine opal displays predominantly red flash, with orange, yellow, green and blue large "flagstone" pattern intermingled, with black potch to the reverse. A very fine opal for the knowledgeable collector. Weighing approximately 8.87 carats and measuring 15.0 x 12.5 x 6.0mm

    Koroit Crystal Opal. This opal looks like nebulae in Space!

    Blue Tigers Eye. A member of the quartz group,

    Harlequin Pattern Opal

    Opal Pearl-Nautilus

    Extremely Bright [10.75cts]; Extraordinary Flashes of Multi-color Museum Welo Opal.

    Queensland Boulder Opal Solid - | via "Peter & Barbara" on Flickr

    Phantom Opal from Ethiopia


    Black opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia. I would love to make a pendant necklace with this.