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    Hawker Siddeley Hawk T1 (HS-1182) aircraft picture

    Would love to see this flying by!

    Black Bird, Sleek stealth bomber. Isn't she just a darling to look at? True love at Mach 3+.

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    Royal Navy Historic Flight Sea Hawk WV908 © Lee Howard

    Air Tractor AT-802 aircraft picture Dusty turns military

    UNITED STATES NAVYATTACK SQUADRON THREE FOUR (VA-34) "Blue Blasters" USS AMERICA (CV 66), CVW-1. March 1986Operation Prairie Fire

    F14 Tomcat (water is pulled up after the engine intakes pass by). No actual vapour cone.

    F-22 Raptor Breaks Sound Barrier On Camera

    A STORY OF PERSISTENCE AND INTENTION: THE LOST TUXEDO. . Im a member of a meetup here locally where we share biz tips and one day one of the members told about the story of his sons lost tux . . See they had rented his 9 year old sons tux here locally then gone to a wedding out of town and upon arriving home realized that they had left the tux on the airplane! . So the next day off they trotted to the airport to ask for lost and found only to be told that there was NOTHING there. (We know how expensive NOT turning in a rented tux would be right?) . My friend asked the lady at the counter if she could find out where the plane had gone so that they could contact someone to find the tux. . N was the answer. She said she couldnt do that. The system didnt tell her that kind of information. . But my friend was adamant. He was not leaving that airport without that tux ! . He kept persisting and finally she called around and found out that the plane had never left the airport! But they didnt know what gate it was at. (Darn - so close and yet still so far away). They system apparently didnt tell her that kind of information either. . Again very adamant my friend kept insisting there had to be someone she could call to find out. He just stood there at the counter . He wasnt leaving. She knew it and eventually they did find out the gate where the plane was! . And guess what else? The tux was at the gate! Whats the likelihood of that? Now the problem was that no one could bring the tux down to the lost and found. My friend was told he would just have to wait. . At every turn there was a N and at every turn he didnt accept the answer. . And again quite persistent my friend told her that HE would go get it along with his son so that no one would have to bring it down. Problem was youre not allowed to wander around the airport without a ticket right? YUP! . Eventually he convinced the lady at the counter to print him up something so he could go to the gate to pick up the tux. Ironically he tried to go get it and they wouldnt let his son through without separate docum