Matt Ebert

Fri, 19 May 2017 20:57:30 +0000


    Texas-based designer Magdiel Lopez is currently challenging himself with this fantastic self-initiated personal project focused on creating one poster a day for an entire year. Check out the full series here. More graphic design via Instagram

    Proportion - The smaller balls recede into the background while the larger ones come to the front. The girl is larger than everything else, including the houses, causing her to be out of proportion and therefore is given greater importance to the message of the design.


    jordan andrew carter …

    for DASH Magazine by Jenya Vyguzov, via Behance

    I like the title, "Bike Ride" is evident in the visual aspects, there is even a neon trail going up and over the hills. The sun's opacity was brought down so you could see the clouds going behind it. That was a cool detail to add just as a random thing.