Dennis Wriglesworth

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 14:50:17 +0000

Attack submarine USS Seawolf leads aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis February 2009, by Walter M. Wayman

    USS Hornet, deck full of B-25s, headed for "30 Seconds Over Tokyo".

    Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Dallas (SSN 700) ”

    USS Zumwalt DDG-1000 - April 2014. Latest USN "Destroyer (?)" OVER 14,000 TONS - What is going to repkace the FFG-7s?

    USS John F. Kennedy - Past and Future. #JFK #KennedyCVN79 my dad worked on this ship

    MaritimeQuest - USS Constellation CVA-64 / CV-64 Page 2

    World Wide Aircraft Carriers Comparison (Jeff Head)

    Got a favorite U.S. aircraft carrier? Thanks to those who serve...

    MaritimeQuest - USS John F. Kennedy CVA-67 / CV-67 Page 10

    A VERY formidable defence !! These nuclear submarines shadow aircraft carriers to ensure the threat of underwater attack is neutralised and ultra sophisticated radar and weaponry protect the carriers and battlegroup from above the waves attack

    Aircraft carrier USS Enterprise at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in late May 1942, being readied for the Battle of Midway.