Sofia Potter

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:55:31 +0000

Art nouveau

    Art Deco Door, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaReblogging hausofcaus Wow. Beautiful door. Any other examples of Art Deco/Nouveau in Argentina people can point me to?

    Barcelona - Roger de Llúria 074 b. Casa Agustí Anglora. Architect: Isidre Reventós i Amiguet

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    Stained glass door on the brewery street in Prague.

    How gorgeous is this door

    Art Nouveau Door

    iron by Luis fernando v

    Art Nouveau door in Riga, Latvia by geraldine

    29 Avenue Rapp, Paris, France. The front door with it's ironwork, windows and wood carvings, surrounded by the artists vision in limestone is stupendous.