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    stacey on Twitter: "✨✨ personality type aesthetics ✨✨"

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    Luke’s eyes widened. He reached into his back pocket, pulling out a black Sharpie. He opened it, and swiped the number at his arm, coloring it in. “Look,” he said. “I don’t want it. I was never going to call her. I’m not interested in anyone else.” My heart lifted. Why it made me feel better, I wasn’t sure.--The Healing Power of Sugar

    gothasuka: front + back

    get out - Neon light sign

    grab the monet and lets gogh cross stitch patch (also available in red and blue)

    Feel bad for those who never go crazy

    n. An emotional state characterized by anxiety, depression, or unease

    oh i got my uncles professional camera!! omg! it's a canon 20d eos ahh i'm so excited. he bought a new lenses for me

    The Front Bottoms - Maps