Lythesia Esparza

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 09:15:55 +0000

Aquarians are better compatible with someone who is not on them all the time (overly clingy) but also attentive enough to make them feel special. Read more about Aquarius here.


    Aquarius’ Little Secret: They don’t do serious commitments too soon, it freaks them out.

    And who isn't

    Loyal to the fullest. Once you have my trust I will sit and listen to your problems even if I am dead tired or going through my own problems.

    Zodiac Aquarius Facts | See more facts about your zodiac sign here.

    This is so true of me.

    Taureans are slow kissers. They get off on teasing their partners with smooth, sensual kisses. #Zodiacs #KissingStyle

    I am very snuggly though so the needy part doesnt bother me. I love affection... otherwise, spot on!

    So don't let this happen! We forgive easily but never forget. Once I am to this point it becomes easy for me to ignore your presence. :-/

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