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Thu, 12 Jan 2017 09:15:55 +0000

Aquarians are better compatible with someone who is not on them all the time (overly clingy) but also attentive enough to make them feel special. Read more about Aquarius here.

    Aquarian me

    I don't do zodiac stuff but this is me to a T...

    #ClassicAquarius #Aquarius Hey everyone! Finally back after my 2 week online break, hope you're all well! Missed you all ♒️♒️♒️

    Definitely need alone time.

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    I feel misunderstood most of the time and the ones whom i think would know me the most, misunderstands me the most.... but this describes me!

    A smile may hide those thousand feelings from others. Yet my heart still bleeds inside. I could die tomorrow and people would say, "Oh. She was smiling. She at least died happy." And the truth, will die with me.~ 67rican

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