Lythesia Esparza

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 09:15:55 +0000

Aquarians are better compatible with someone who is not on them all the time (overly clingy) but also attentive enough to make them feel special. Read more about Aquarius here.

    Worse Than The Hounds Of Hell And Hotter Than The Domicile Of Hades...Such Will Be Your Fate If You Fuck With An Aquarius;It Is NOT an Arena You Want To Be In,Trust Me.-Divalousity.

    Acuario es un idealista que cree en el amor verdadero. Ellos siempre están en busca de un mejor amigo y alma gemela en una

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    . the only person who has a say is God to an aqua (;

    Aquarius Personality Quotes. QuotesGram

    Yeah its happens sometimes or all the time and trust me its the worst feeling of being heartless its pain like some1 grab your ♥ and brain from your body

    Yep and we become more on edge and skeptical when hurt by the ones we let in

    Awww....I hope this isn't true.

    I am very snuggly though so the needy part doesnt bother me. I love affection... otherwise, spot on!