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I'll take one of each! #macaron


    It only takes 3 simple ingredients to make these divine homemade meringue kisses! | Mary Kay

    Move over cupcakes, macarons are the new show in town. While France has been the proud purveyor of macarons for a few hundred years, we Americans are just now getting on the bandwagon and enjoying the countless colors and flavors of …

    Macaroons! (Just because!) #rockmyspringwedding @Derek Imai Imai Smith My Wedding

    Honey Lavender Macarons

    French macarons

    essie saltwater happy: Lust, an rauen Küsten die See im Gesicht prickelnd zu spüren?Blicke zum fernen Horizont wecken Sehnsüchte und die Lust auf neue Gewässer. Schöpfen wir Mut, den Anker zu lichten (Baking Desserts Pretty)

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    How to Make French Macarons, a Detailed, Step-by-Step Recipe with Video //

    What can make a macaron better? A triple strawberry macaron! These sweet little cookies are made with a strawberry almond biscuit, strawberry buttercream and a sweet strawberry surprise center! Many bakers dread making macarons because these little cookies can be a little finicky, but set that fear aside! Watch my video tutorial for step-by-step instructions […]

    I’m a huge fan of the classic Italian dessert “Tiramisu”! I love the combination of flavors and the way it melts in my mouth! For this macaron recipe, I wanted to capture all of those flavors in a cookie! These Tiramisu macarons taste just like a bite of the classic dessert! I start with a […]

    These coffee macaron cookies are simply heavenly! A delicious combination of coffee and salted dulce de leche frosting! Macarons are easier to make than you think, just watch my step-by-step video! Click below on the “HOW-TO” tab to see my video recipe.