Joan Kessler

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 12:01:57 +0000

Great Tri-fold organizer designed for your students to practice converting between degrees and radians.

    This easy-to-use workbook is full of stimulating activities that will give your students a solid introduction to precalculus! A variety of lessons, puzzles, mazes, and practice problems will challenge

    In this no prep fun activity, students determine reference angles for positive and negative angles in both degrees and radians, and also use reference angles to find the six trigonometric functions of angles. This can be used in Trigonometry, PreCalculus, Geometry, Algebra 2.

    Great way to build Math Fact Fluency ~ use sticky dots so it's changeable as skill levels increase :)

    FREE Builds understanding of the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines for Algebra 2 Honors, PreCalculus, Trigonometry, and College Algebra students by providing concentrated practice.Students will complete 11 questions related to mastery of the Law of Sines, the Law of Cosines, Herons Formula, and practical applications related to these concepts of upper level mathematics courses. 10-12

    Biography Bottles! Simply have students fill an empty 2-liter bottle with either small rocks or sand. Then, have them choose a famous person to create using the bottle!! Super cute + super creative = SuCcESS in a Bottle!

    Bundle of organizers to find the Standard Deviation. Great for Statistics and Algebra

    I may have to post this in my classroom.

    Great Foldable Organizer for Quadratic Equations

    Geometry [Task] - Points, Lines and Planes Color-Coded Task

    Graphing the Sine and Cosine Flip Book with HW / Quiz for Trigonometry, PreCalculus, and some Algebra 2 classes. This Graphing the Sine and Cosine mini bundle reinforces and reviews Amplitude, Phase Shift, Period, Vertical Shift, finding the End Points, and graphing of sinusoidal functions. Over 16 examples, many for students to complete. Great Study Guide, Great activity.

    PreCalculus, Trigonometry: Proving Trig Identities Cut & Paste ActivityEnjoy a small sample of a cut & paste activity for your PreCalculus or Trigonometry students. There are two identities with steps to cut and paste into the correct progression to satisfy the proof.

    polynomial end behavior card sort