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20+ Perfect Pics That Will Satisfy Every Perfectionist’s Soul (Part 3) | Bored Panda


    How many times have you trusted a gut feeling, but it turned out to be wrong? Listening to our intuition doesn’t mean we have to rush to act. If something feels right or wrong, try to find out why – and you’ll strengthen your sixth sense in the pr

    oceanflower2015: Scripps Pier, San Diego by seamerias

    Andrew Whyte pasó 365 días tras este pequeño fotógrafo LEGO y tomo estas fotografías. @

    Pic of the Day...I wanna send at least one moment there ♥♥

    “There was a reason that she was so romantic about the moon. It never asked her questions or begged for the answers nor did she ever have to prove herself to it. It was always just there- breathing, shining, and in ways most humans can’t understand; listening.” ~Christopher Poindexter

    The Groom by stephan lausitz in Photography

    Dandelion Wallpaper Dandelion Falling Apart Widescreen Wallpaper

    beautiful photography

    .I belong here.

    Greece 2010 and immediate aftermath>>>keeps going...2016-2017 (S.P. 11/25/2026)

    light the night sky