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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:14:04 +0000

I finally realized this. No contact has been key. Ready to let go

    right like you dont want it but when you dont feel anything you want them if that makes sense lol follow me yagirlshayy__ pinterest,instagram,kik

    I sweeaaar! @DREbadass like you're just as old as me, and know right from wrong, too

    I need to tell myself this at night. staying up endless nights worrying about him as if he's doing the same for me

    I'm not waiting. I'm my next relationship, you need to come with the same mindset and be ready to settle down and make this a forever although they say nothing last forever. that's us

    My pride is stronger than my feelings, so don't try to play me.

    I have never been on the BAD BITCH BANDWAGON & there is dam good reason. It's NOTHING to be proud of! I can say im pretty bad ass of a mom and wife but a bitch? No ✋ it may sound good to your ears and eyes but it's actually offensive if you think about it. Get over the bad bitch thing, oh & the word FLEEK/FLEEKY PLS DONT.

    Needle dicked, shit quiffed, full of shit fuckboys need not apply.

    Believe that. Some people just don't understand how irrelevant they are to your life. So STFU and mind your own damn business!

    I've always subscribed to this though. No need to be a dumb-acting, silly, loud girl. A woman draws silent attention.

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    She made me feel comfortable enough to show her my scars and explain my pain. She changed me and then changed on me and never looked of the hardest pills to swallow but iknw better now