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NESS can only ride his bike when hes the last one in the party, im so fucking done i typed ninten when i saved this picture instead of ness -.-


    Floral Print and Skeletons : Photo

    lucas - iFunny :)

    ness please. LUCAS IS THE BEST

    Nendoroid #567: Fire Emblem: New Mystery of The Emblem ~ Marth Figure

    Adventure Time (2011) Issue #52

    It's like messing with a english royal guard! I thought of this while i was playing it

    Bad time for a picture. With Ness, Lucas and The Camera Men.

    Aww LOL You would have to know about what happened in Mother 3 in order to know the reason behind Lucas' bad outlook on life. (

    earthbound funny - Google Search

    Wow, the new pokemon Sun and Moon is looking pretty good so far<- Pinning for that comment

    Game Consoles and Companies as Friends