Lizzie Weems

Fri, 19 May 2017 23:14:30 +0000

The Supernatural side of Tumblr part 2 - Imgur


    Black Widow Trailer Idea

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    Hahaha! I knew about Benedict's parents, but not the rest. But they're all true; I checked.


    At first it was sad then I saw Sammy and it broke my heart. O my god this is the saddest thing ;-; it's so true, I don't watch doctor who but I love Sherlock and supernatural.

    The fandoms worry about what to do with Sherlock and Doctor Who. It's not going well.:

    SuperWhoLock Sam Winchester becomes a 911 operator. He has a vision of Sherlock and John at the Fall. The Doctor is talking with his manager and over hears what is happening...

    - Sherlock -

    SuperWhoLock quotes that go surprisingly well together.

    The Fandoms

    And there you go. We got it covered. -Superwholocks