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    Lucky Blue Smith

    Top Male Models on Instagram | Lucky Blue Smith

    i think it's hilarious how many ppl pin pics of pyper and lucky in their relationship/love boards but theyre literally siblings like nO

    exhead: Lucky Blue Smith at MFW F/W 2015

    Lucky Blue Smith (POUNDS) @luckybsmith Instagram photos | Websta

    Lucky Blue for Armani Exchange Winter 2014 Capsule Collection

    {FC Lucky Smith} Hey, I'm Lucky. No, not as in I have lots of luck but my name is actually Lucky. I'm 18 years. Although I may seem super quiet at first glance, I'm really not that boring. Well, at least I don't think I am. Anyways, all that I really do is draw and read...

    luckybsmith: “ Lucky Blue Smith ”

    Lucky Blue Smith for Vogue US May 2015 by Patrick Demarchelier

    {{Lucky Blue Smith}} Hey, I'm Jason. I'm a just your average popular kid. I'm 17 and single. Also, stop spreading rumors that I'm not over my ex, I broke up with her. I'm a theater kid and plan on getting a scholarship this year. I also like graphic novels. I also try to keep well informed and am usually neutral on most subjects.

    Lucky Blue Smith & Daisy Clementine Smith. I think Daisy would be good as Frozen's Queen Elsa and Lucky Blue would be her gender bend.

    Lucky Blue and Pyper America Smith. My fav siblings ever!