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There are so many easy ways to integrate the uplifting, soothing, and delicious nature of mints into your day — lemon balm glycerite to uplift the mood, a bowl of tabbouleh with spearmint for lunch, a cup of cold peppermint tea for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, a whiff of lavender essential oil during rush hour traffic, a soothing cup of catnip tea after a meal, or an invigorating foot mas-sage with rosemary oil at day’s end. Here are a few simple recipes to try.

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    A Guide To Herbal Medicine

    Harness the healing power of plants with these 10 ways to use yarrow for use in external and internal home remedies to slow bleeding, reduce fevers, & more.

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    HOW WE USE SAGE: White Sage is in our Energetic Clearing Spray for the effect it has on clearing the energy around the body. http://turtlemoonhealth.com/collections/essential-oil-sprays/products/energetic-clearing-spray

    Make the most of common yard weeds by using white clover for food and medicine with these easy tips and recipes and still leaving plenty for the bees.

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    Bees are so good for your garden! Attract more of them with a cute little bee bath!

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