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There are so many easy ways to integrate the uplifting, soothing, and delicious nature of mints into your day — lemon balm glycerite to uplift the mood, a bowl of tabbouleh with spearmint for lunch, a cup of cold peppermint tea for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, a whiff of lavender essential oil during rush hour traffic, a soothing cup of catnip tea after a meal, or an invigorating foot mas-sage with rosemary oil at day’s end. Here are a few simple recipes to try.

    #3. Homemade Cold Remedy -- 22 Everyday Products You Can Easily Make From Home (for less!) These are all so much healthier, too!

    Home remedies for common ailments 1 - Oatmeal for acne 2 - Garlic for earache 3 - Salt & Pepper for toothache 4 - Coconut oil for dandruff 5 - Salt water for sore throat 6 - Apple cider vinegar for indigestion 7 - Olive oil for constipation 8 - Thyme for coughs 9 - Spiced tea for common cold 10 - Lavender for headaches

    Bees are so good for your garden! Attract more of them with a cute little bee bath!

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    Infographic – Healing Spices Chart. Click here: http://marclanders.com/infographic-healing-spices-chart/


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    Hot toddy..Tullamore Dew and Grand Marnier instead of brandy. Yum!

    10 Weeds that Heal: Finding Cures to Common Ailments in Your Backyard.

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    When researching medicinal herbs, one of the most important things to cover is the topic of terminology. It may sound boring, but it's very important and necessary!

    DIY Herbal Tea (From Your Own Backyard)! Full tutorial at www.nwedible.com/herbal-tea/

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    Spices can go a long way towards boosting your health! So why not shake it up...

    Coriander benefits. Infographic. Properties of the plant. Summary of the general characteristics of the Coriander plant. Medicinal propertie...

    Purslane facts and purslane recipes to bolster your appreciation of this virtuous wild plant.

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    Delicious Dandelion Tea Recipes: Be sure that you source Organic or Wild Crafted Herbs that aren't exposed to toxins like Pesticides, etc., and that they're as fresh and clean as possible!

    How to cut aloe vera by Live Love Raw: http://www.liveloveraw.com/what-to-do-with-aloe-vera/

    Make the most of your herb garden and use your herbs in new ways. Try cooking, decorating, and drying herbs for a new spin on your harvest. | Fix