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German soldier - reenactment

    The weapon is a Mauser Karabiner 98AZ. After 1923, it was renamed Mauser…

    Cascos alemanes de la segunda guerra mundial.

    Kurt "Panzer" Meyer Known for his bold and aggressive leadership, one of the most highly decorated German soldiers of ww2. Successively commanding a motorcycle company, a reconnaissance battalion, a grenadier regiment, and the Hitler Youth Panzer Division, Meyer saw intense combat across Europe: the Poland, the fall of France,Balkans and Greece, the bitter fighting on the Eastern Front and Normandy, where he fell into allied hands

    A candid portrait of a Heer's Feldwebel (Sergeant) photographed somewhere in the Army South's sector, 1943/44. He wears a M40 Summer field tunic (with M36 bottle green collar) which with use would quickly fade to one of a myriad of light greyish khaki tones. This veteran was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class and the Eastern Front Medal (known among German soldiers as the 'Frozen Meat' Medal). He also sports the Infantry Assault Badge (silver) and the Wound Badge in Black.

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    A smiling Adolf Hitler with a small kid dressed like a SA. No caption found.

    Reenactment: German Soldier (World War II)

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