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X-Ray Specs

    Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine: Today's Vintage Ad

    Bobby soxers :)

    PERSONAL CARE: The Koshi Obi supporter and odor eliminator for Men

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    Je ne fume que LE NIL, papier à cigarettes Joseph Bardou et fils. An exhibit of "Le musée du Papier" in Angouleme.

    La deliciosa sopa...

    ☤ MD ☞☆☆☆ Danger! Don’t spread disease by finger licking. 1950s.

    Ambition Pills!

    ...i just can't stop smiling...

    Seriously...he'd rather live with a psychotic, shopaholic garbage and cat hoarder, then spend another minute with your lysol-less cooch

    Victorian ad showing doctor treating woman's "hysteria" by 'pelvic massage'.

    Vintage antimarijuana ad. Marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, cocaine, meth, etc. Make easy, small mints for safe pain relief or enjoyment!  MARIJUANA - Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. Just $2.99 for great e-book!

    All things 50s!! Only in America. Hilarious

    If I think about this one too hard, I'll end up cowering under my desk in terror.

    By the 1820s morphine was a popular anodyne, or soother. Morphine was also, however, a prime method of Victorian suicide. Morphine was six times as potent as opium. It was commercially available, and many upper and middle class patients purchased morphine from doctors and injected themselves daily with newly developed needles. This 'morphinism' was unbounded by legal or social guidelines, and many morphine addicts were unaware of their addiction.

    Questioning the message in relation to the era during which this ad was created.

    Jail Jamas advertisement

    Never thought you'd grow a hair there? Now you can

    This is the funniest erection tamer gadget I have ever heard about! Bet guys are glad this invention isn't popular in this century. Too funny! WACK-A-COCK!

    Budweiser Beer.

    this is so creepy Evidently, giving beer to your baby was a thing in 1910 Chicago.

    Ad for gaining weight...oh how times have changed lol

    From the Oneonta Star , Oneota, New York. | 15 Unbelievably Sexist Adverts From The 1970s