Kayla Rodriguez

Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:45:19 +0000

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    What is even holding her up? Her thighs? Amber's butt? I am so confused.

    에프엑스 。

    f(x)'s Amber gives fans a laugh with her Charmander cosplay on her birthday | allkpop

    Sulli's Little Brother Displays Irresistable Aegyo Towards f(x)

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    I absolutely love Amber More

    Amber in Ultra korea 2016 #breathe again

    I love Amber's tattoos.

    Emma loved, and she loved shamelessly, fiercely, fearlessly; and she thought that instead of a strength, it was more of a weakness.

    #kpop#amber liu# fx Beauty that can't be spelled by words only by melodies of her lyrics.