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World War II resistant woman fighter - Paris,1940s photograph the New York Public Library Picture Collection


    Famous WWII Russian sniper Kyra Petrovskaya. She kicked Nazi butt. Biddy Craft

    female Armenian guerrilla fighters, 1895.

    photos of kamikaze pilots | Piloti kamikaze fotografati prima di una missione

    18 year old French RĂ©sistance fighter, Simone Segouin, during the liberation of Paris. [19 August 1944]

    Women fire fighters, Pearl Harbor, 7th Dec 1941

    The Lebensborn project was one of most secret and terrifying Nazi projects

    Who said war prevents goofing off? This is a Goggle Party in obviously music theatrical mood.

    Gen. Georgy Zhukov comandante sul campo delle forze sovietiche dell'Armata Rossa

    Winston Churchill

    Women during WWII

    Female soldier of the Polish resistance "Home Army" (Armia Krajowa) 2WW The Armia Krajowa, or Home Army, was the dominant Polish resistance movement in World War II German-occupied Poland. The AK's primary resistance operations were the sabotage of German activities, including transports headed for the Eastern Front in the Soviet Union. The AK also fought several full-scale battles against the Germans, particularly in 1943 and 1944