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When I am with my best friend I am the loudest person, when I am not with my best friend I am back to being quiet

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    When you see your friend and they “can’t talk,” you also can’t help trying to distract them.

    "You could flirt with me for years, but unless you come right out and say "date me" I'm never going to realise you want me."

    Hold onto your best friend, because I bet in an entire lifetime, you won't find anybody else like them. #friendship #quotes #funny

    My life summed up.

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    Screw guys. You dont need them when u have your bestfriend

    Hahahaha gotta love these kinds of friends!

    I got in trouble for not cleaning out my pets cage but I did all the chores yesterday and today and I was working on homework. I'm like MOM DAD STOP PRESSURING ME IM 13 THIS IS THE PART WHERE IM EVEN MORE CONFUSED AND STRESSED AND INSECURE THE LAST THING I NEED IS FOR YOU TO YELL AT ME FOR THE ONE THING I DIDNT DO

    I'm that shy girl that no one notices but when I'm with my friends, I'm that crazy outgoing girl that loves to have fun!

    The worst thing ever is seeing your best friend slowly replacing you with another friend

    ....…I've never been in a relationship like that…but……id like to find a friend like that one day

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    They are are beautifully amazing!! @eamjid @gbaby1203gv @Alwaysbelieb @#belieberforever and @Cowgirl3652

    This would be cool, except for the part where it downloads your worst nightmares!

    If I had a dollar every time I faked a smile I'd be a billionaire

    I'm the type of girl that would pick hoodies and converses over dresses and heels any day.

    Me. Not lol but..

    Yeah that about sums me up!! Lol

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