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Beehive doorknob from the beehive state, Utah

    Salt Lake Temple Door Knob

    Intricate Door Knob | CostMad do not sell this item/idea but have lots of great ideas and products for sale please click below

    Hardware & Metalwork

    nouveau-deco: Berlin - Jugendstil 006 (by Arnim Schulz)

    What a Door!

    frog door knocker - Google Search

    Detail Hotel in Fes, Morocco... www.asilahventures.com

    antique doorknobs

    An old metal handle and keys on a wooden door. Latch style door handles are more practical than knobs to me as they're easier to open with wet hands or arms full of grocerries. This one is beautifully ornate but not overly so.

    Love these patterns! #doorknocker

    Lion door knob

    This would look wonderful on the front door. Green Man doorknocker - gorgeous!

    All good Texans should have Texas-style doorknobs. Preferably, everything in the home should reflect Texas in some way... ~Houston Foodlovers

    Doorknob from Chicago building

    balbuzart: Visiter etsy.com

    Door furniture

    Hermoso detalle...

    Deco door set

    This would be a pretty picture to print and hang in my apt.

    Art Nouveau Door Knocker