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What To Put Inside Your Open When Letters

    Open when letters to boyfriend

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    Artist creates little matchbox greeting cards with hidden messages inside (part I) - 9GAG

    Becky and Brittany: DIY Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him!

    Cute gifts for your boy

    Open When Envelopes | 23 DIY Valentines Crafts for Boyfriend | DIY Birthday Gifts for Him

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    eyecontactnsoftkisses: “ Decided to make open when letters for my best friend ☺ ”

    Did this for my boyfriends birthday! A gift every hour! He loved it! More More

    21st present: I made this present for my best friend for her 21st! Fill a box with 21 envelopes. On each envelope write 'Open When...' and a certain situation e.g. open when you're going shopping/you're having a bad hair day/ it's Christmas, you need a friend, you need a laugh etc. and each envelope has a present relating to what was written on the envelope! Rules: Can only open an envelope when appropriate - no cheating ! A fun present that lasts all year for someone very special

    Open when letters #missme Bible verse- where you go, I'll go, where you stay, I'll stay. Ruth 1:16