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3 legged race, Anne and Diana.

    The Music room

    Wouldn't it be nice to have someone love you this much? Anne Shirley and Marilla Cuthbert,

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    Anne of Green Gables

    Anne of Green Gables Mathew and Anne

    Filming Anne of Green Gables

    i died as soon as I saw the back of his head. after being tortured through Mr. Harris, Gilbert was even more wonderful!

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    I love Miss Stacey. She must definitely be a Charlotte Mason type of teacher with just a HINT of Traditional. Go to http://www.homeschoolcreations.net/2013/04/homeschool-basics-what-is-your-teaching-style/ to see what in thw world I'm talking about if you don't understand. :)

    anne and gilbert walking in the lane.

    Anne of Green Gables- when Anne dyed her hair green and Marilla had to cut it

    What does Anne of Green Gables look like?

    Anne, Marilla, and Matthew ❤️️❤️️

    Anne of Green Gables........one of the best movies:)

    Anne and Diana.....les complices de toujours...Cathy et Sylvie aussi!!!!

    <3 Anne Shirley at Diana Barry's wedding - this must have been between takes, because she certainly didn't smile at this point in the film.

    Gil asking Anne out...again (gif). <3 "YES! YES! YES!" "Take me!"

    Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (1999)

    Love this!! #MeantToBe

    Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (1999)

    Anne and Gilbert together at last. Sigh....why can't I be married to Gilbert!!???

    I like it how Gilbert was sooo patient with Anne. And how he loved her even though she treated him poorly. He still keeped true to himself and her. Awwww. How sweet of HIM.

    Absolute worst picture of Gilbert Blythe, but hey...we all have pics like that.

    "Raspberry Cordial, my eye! The girl smells like Jay Griffith's distillery!" -Rachel Lynde, Anne of Green Gables.