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3 legged race, Anne and Diana.

    Anne of Green Gables, The Lady of Shalott/ My favorite scene!

    Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (1999)

    This is the most adorable thing in existence. I can't wait till I have something like this happen to me!

    Anne of Green Gables--I first watched this in segments on the Disney channel with my family, but it became one of my favorites of all time after watching numerous times with my friends later on. Loved the books too!

    I don't want diamond sunbursts, or marble halls.

    Costume Design by Martha Mann

    I love Miss Stacey. She must definitely be a Charlotte Mason type of teacher with just a HINT of Traditional. Go to http://www.homeschoolcreations.net/2013/04/homeschool-basics-what-is-your-teaching-style/ to see what in thw world I'm talking about if you don't understand. :)

    gilbert blythe fan art - Google Search

    ♡ Gil and Ann <<< Just think of all that time Anne wasted holding onto a stupid grudge over basically nothing, then refusing to see how wonderful and perfect Gil was for her.

    Favorite Moments from Anne of Green Gables

    This is SERIOUSLY the best blog. Ever. In the history of literature. <3

    Anne of Green Gables