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An Archemedes machine

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    Super Pressure Reducing Tool

    Nœud de fixation pour fermoir "Boucle antidérapante"

    3D printed lamp shades by Plumen and Italian 3D printing design specialist, Formaliz3d.

    SnorgTees makes funny, witty pop-culture inspired t-shirts and hoodies for men, women and kids. Our tees are made with super soft, comfy materials that'll have you reaching for your favorite SnorgTee week after week. Whether you're looking to upgrade your t-shirt collection or need a clever gift for someone special, SnorgTees is a must. | Funny science tees + chemistry/biology shirts.

    Image of Lace Vase

    How to make a teleidoscope, which is basically a special type of kaleidoscope with a lens on the end.

    Herramienta llavero llave regalo día del padre por FutureRelic

    Electrical Wire Size Table | … wire. The smaller the gauge Number the larger the conductor size

    Totally making one of these!!! Heron's fountain

    Mechanical iris v2.0 by NTT

    "My girlfriend asked for a ring "