Amber Roberge

Sat, 20 May 2017 01:17:29 +0000

Sweet dreams little corgi!

    イヌ - 全437枚 Twitterで話題の人気画像まとめ 新着順50ページ目

    Corgi puppy

    Sleeping And Cuddling with toys...@Amber Marie I bet you wanna cuddle every one :D cute puppies. Puppies cuddling with their stuffed animals during nap time.

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    AWESOME if you love animals check this out!! Animal parenthood = cuteness overload

    This dachshund baby is very sweet. XOXOXO More

    This is a dog pool party. Someone had a pool and was like, 'I should have a pool party. But people are stupid. I should invite dogs instead.'

    muy linda perita como su vida bebe

    Baby Corgi In A Tiny Sweater


    I Like this Baseball Hat. I can wear it and Play Baseball with it or use it for a Bed when I get tired.

    Corgi puppy going shopping